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1 February 2014
George and the Dragon has been a complete work for at least year.  However, I recently discovered   

I know this will come across like an advert but I can't stress how good this tool is.

For ANY writer who is serious about writing ProWritingAid is an invaluable tool.  Once you've created yourself a log in it will happily analyze large sections of writing.  I'm not sure on the maximum size for a free account by my chapters are, on average, 3,500 words long and it deals with them without a problem.*

Once it has analyzed your text it provides you with a very comprehensive report.

This highlights:

  1. Overuse of common words such as: Could, Feel/Feeling/Felt, Initial-ing, Just/Then and Knew/Know to name but a few of the words it will highlight.
  2. Grammar
  3. Diction
  4. Sentence Length
  5. Writing Style

And much more besides.  It has helped me to improve the way George and the Dragon is written and hopefully that will make it a better reading experience.

I will never publish a book without first editing it with Pro Writing Aid.

*They've now placed a 3,000 word limit on their free accounts but that's still pretty decent as limits go.


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