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25 February 2014
...for procrastinators everywhere!

This thread really does carry on from yesterday's thread and all started with a post earlier on twitter.

This allowed me to create my very own Hollywood sign

This got me to wondering, 'what else can I create on the trippleW?'

How about my own Cinema Sign?

Petrol Station?

Fastfood joint?

Bank advert?

All these and more can be created at

How about your very own movie poster?  Marvel Superhero?

How about something a little more quriky?  New York Zoos has this great on-line toy for children called; Build Your Wild Self

This is how I created a younger more 'Wild' George.

If that's not quirky enough you can even create your own Picaso Head.

Of course if you're a regular of my blog you may recall my love of Wordle and it's word clouds:

How about creating your own font?  Or maybe you'd prefer to create your own snowflake?

Alternatively if you are really lacking creative input why not let someone else do it for you via Create your own myths and legends.

The internet truly does have it all.


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