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28 February 2014
Blood TitheBlood Tithe by Glenn J. Soucy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before I say anything else this book only scored 4/5 because I really disliked the ending.

As far as I am concerned any book, whether it is in a series or not should be able to stand alone and have a defined point where the book ends. I accept there maybe some questions left unanswered but if you never returned to the series this would be minor not major.

In this case I think that the book ended about 2 chapters too early.

That aside.

What you have is the tale of boy who's life is changed, not necessarily, for the better when he almost dies in an accident. The story is fast paced, well structured and Soucy manages to keep things interesting throughout the whole book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tale even though it is quite bleak and will probably buy the second in the series at some point.

Well worth a read if you a looking for a very different take on the 'Super Powered Teen' type genre.

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