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23 February 2014
Been a long time, been a long lonely lonely........

I have a habit of using music lyrics in my post titles.  I wonder if that has anything to do with me being a wedding DJ or just because I like music.

So yes it has been a few days since I last blogged because I've been busy doing some digital redecorating.

Firstly I've set-up a website for me personally at: and it looks something a little like this:

 Philip Tolhurst - Website

Then of course those of you familiar with my blog will already have noticed the overhaul of the way the blog looks as well and the similarity between the two:

Except for the lighter shading on the header you can see the similarities between the two.   This is part of my overall desire to brand everything to do with me so that it feels familiar.

At the moment my Facebook page header looks like this:

I need to work out how to change the background colour, but I think I'll end up creating the banner with the graduated background and uploading it from there.

Finally there's my twitter account and at the moment this looks a little like this:

The beauty of my Twitter page is that it still has that great close up of the dragon that used to form the banner to this blog.

I really like that so it may well make a comeback.

To accomplish this I've used a few tools.  The most import of which was Artisteer.  This is a great piece of software although not cheep at $50.  However, it did enable me to create the website from scratch and upload the theme to Wordpress and then turn that into a Blogger theme and upload that directly.

I also used Pixlr's Editor and other sources that I've previously mentioned.

It's taken a fair bit of trial and error and no doubt  I'll continue to play but it can be done.

Now back to final editing and looking forward to a March release of the book.


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