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20 May 2014
That's the question I've been asking my Twitter followers of late.

Regular readers of my blog will be aware that rather than hard sell my book or blog or personal website to my new Twitter followers I try to engage them in conversation.

My original question asked them to name their favourite dragon.  The latest question actually reads:

"If you had the chance to name a dragon what would you call the mythical monster?"

I did this because both George and Emily are put in a situation where they have to do this and they are under pressure to think of a name on the spot.

The responses on Twitter have been quite interesting.  I might add at this point that not everyone responds but it's the people that do that I am trying to create a personal relationship with.   I'm sure there's marketing and sales people out there that have fancy names and procedures for this sort of thing but I'm just an author trying to get people interested in my book.

There are those who immediately name a dragon that already exists; Puff, Smaug etc.  That's not the point of the exercise so I always accuse them of cheating and challenge them to come up with something original.

The we have people who come up with the silly names; Bob, Derek, Kevin, Frank etc.  That's perfectly fine it's their dragon to name and if they want to call their dragon Bob then why not after all one of the most famous dragons is called Elliott.

There are some who take an existing word or words and create a new name.  Like Satan's breath or Krakatoa or one of my personal favourites so far Ash.  Such a simple word but so apt for a dragon's name.

Some of my followers respond with a completely made up name.  These people to a degree I envy I struggle to simply come up with names on the fly so I take my hat of to those that can.

You get those that create a name from other words and languages.  Some of which are quite clever.  Welsh, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a popular language in which to create a dragon name.  However, I've had names suggested in Enochian and Swahili so quite a variation there.

Last but not least you get those who really over think the process, often these people are writers like myself, and they seem to feel the need to create every aspect of the dragon in their minds before given the beast an appropriate name.  

Finally you get those authors working on super secret projects who have yet to name the dragon in their book or who have named the monster but the book hasn't been released.  All very cloak and dagger but all good fun too.

In the not too distant future I guess I'll change up the question again, not sure what I'll come up with next but I am sure I'll think of something.

Until then I'd like to thank all of my followers who have so far taken the time to respond it's been great fun learning your dragon names.


1 comment:

  1. As a recipient of this good-natured question, I have to say that I enjoyed it much more than the usual "Hi, how're you doing" greeting. Plus, it led me here, out of sheer curiousity. So, nicely done! :D