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5 May 2014
Even though I want to be writing and working on new projects I really can't help thinking about marketing George and the Dragon.

So there are three ways that my book could be made available to prospective readers;

  1. Digital
  2. Physical
  3. Audible

George and the Dragon is already available on Kindle, B&N (Nook), iTunes, Smashwords and the Play store.  I chose this option first because the benefits are obvious.  As the author and rights holder I get to keep the lions share of the money raised from the sale of the book across any of these formats.  There are also other added advantages.  I have just uploaded slightly new versions of the book to both Smashwords and Kindle and will be doing so shortly to the copy uploaded to the Play store.    So I have the digital aspect covered.  I'm ignoring Kobo they are taking a ridiculous amount of time to upload my book from Smashwords.

Then we have physical.  I've been playing around with Createspace today and the book seems to work nicely in their designer.  I just need to go back to my cover designer and get him to create me a cover for the book and George will be all set for physical copies.  However, physical copies are not cheep and the royalties returned are not great.  I've been playing with the pricing and a £7.49 copies yields a royalty of £1.03.  The one benefit of this is that bookshops can then stock the book or at least order it in and I know of a few people that prefer physical copies.   So it will happen it's just a matter of paying the extra for the new cover.

Finally we have the audio version of the book.  I found out today about ACX.  ACX allows you to put your book up for tender to audio production companies who then create the audio version of the book and you can split the royalties 50/50.

I couldn't resist and have listed George and the Dragon.  Hopefully someone will like the idea of the book and I can enlist a production company to help me create the audio version.    The whole process takes 3-8 weeks it says so it'll be a while before you can listen to the book while travelling to work.

So hopefully before the school summer holidays George and the Dragon will be available in all three versions.



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