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19 May 2014
I don't suffer from self doubt.  That's a true enough statement.

While not eternally confident  I'm not far off it.  However, on Friday night I did find myself wallowing in a malaise of tiredness and never ending social network updates and wondering to myself am I cut out to be a writer?

I already have two jobs, surely that's enough, do I really need the extra burden of writing and promoting novels.

If you look at it as a burden then I guess that's the beginning of the end.  The moment you start thinking the glass is half full is the moment you may as well throw in the towel and retire from the game altogether.

Like I said before I'm not that sort of person but I'm only human and as susceptible to moments when I sit at my keyboard with my eyes heavy and completely lack inspiration and all I can do then is like pictures of dragons on Google+ or retweet particularly nice tweets of waterfalls on Twitter.  Even an insightful blog post was unwilling.  So there ended up being no "That Friday Feeling."  This week.

However, I did get a Friday Feeling moment a little bit later on that evening.  Almost into Saturday morning I checked my email to find I had an audition to turn George And the Dragon  into an audio book.  It's an amazing sensation listening to someone  else narrate your work and put voice to your characters.  I guess it's not that far removed from it becoming a film or TV series.

I'm not sure I am going to go with this audition, although I can't help wondering if they'll be another one, so I might. It's very hard to know what to do in this situation.  If you haven't yet considered ACX it is definitely worth a look.

If do go with it.  That's digital, physical and audio covered before the end of June.

But I digress the real crux to this post was don't try and write while tired.  It doesn't help with your creativity and just leaves you feeling down.



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