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2 May 2014
This week I have learnt that the Kindle Direct Publishing software does not handle Word docs particularly well.

Am now in the process of replacing the uploaded doc file of my book with a .mobi created with Calibre.

I've been having some fun playing with a couple of marketing 'images' I've created:

While largely unsuccessful in regards to being shared on both Facebook and Twitter.  Placing them in the right communities in Google+ has been far more successful.  This has given me a renewed perspective on how useful Google+ might be.

I accept that people may not checkout the link, after all it's not a hyper-link to George and the Dragon. My hope is that some might be curious enough to check out the website.  After all is that not what any physical poster advert is hoping for?  Also for the curious I tried boosting 'What is your dragon name?' on Facebook and got declined because there is too much text present.

It's something else to try to increase the visibility of the novel and all part of my foray into different ways to market my work.

Speaking of which George and the Dragon received it's first review this week.  5*s on Amazon.  The review did highlight some proofing issues which I wasn't aware of and will be fixing today.  Some of which have been cause by the aforementioned issues with Word doc formatting on KDP.

I have properly started work on the cyberpunk short story/novella I'm working on and hope to have that drafted in a week or so.  Then I'll have that edited and beta read while I concentrate on first novel in the Nicholas North series.

It's a long weekend here in the UK and my daughter is studying Egypt at school so we are hopefully going to take a trip to the British museum at some point, whether permitting.

As a fan of history, especially ancient history, I am quite looking forward to that.  Who knows it may just inspire another novel.  Not that I need more inspiration, what I need is more time :)

If you're up to something cool this weekend let me know and I hope you enjoy yourselves whatever you do.



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