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20 April 2014
Not every book I've read has an ultimate antagonist, but sometimes they are essential to the plot.  In this regard George and the Dragon is no different to most.

So today I present to you:

Colonel von Vogler

He hasn't always gone by this name.

Early copies of the novel have him called General Hoffman.  However, at some point I decided that General didn't sound write in my head.  However, Colonel when I speak it with an exaggerated German accent in my mind sounds perfect.

So we then had Colonel Hoffman but I felt Hoffman was too nice a name for my ultimate antagonist as set about searching for a new name for him.

I don't know exactly when I settled on von Vogler but I do recall that it was close enough to vulgar to appease my need for a name suitable for the character.  He is not a very nice person as you'll find out if you read the book.


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