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11 April 2014 what have I been up to this week?


I think I've largely finished with setting up my not so secret project:

The website is now up and running, the twitter account as just shy of 1000 followers and it also has a Google+ business page.

The idea behind it is to give me a second avenue of promotion for George and the Dragon and all my future solo ventures.  It will also give me the ability to promote any work published by friends and associates.  It maybe in the future that I will be able to monetise it's services but that's a long way off.  As is taking on any other authors under the publishing side of the company.

Although I do have a very clear idea how the publishing side of the company would work.

I've spent several evenings this week fighting with the layout of this blog; trying to improve the social media links presented when you access the blog.

I've also added links to other people's blogs.  If you have a blog you want me to add to my blog let me know.


I am nowhere near as far forward with the final changes to George and the Dragon as I wanted to be.
Which means I shall probably spend a large part of the weekend hacking away at it.  However it will still be released on 23 April 2014.


I created a new Pinterest board this week.  Something I added to this blog with yesterday's blog post.

It's titled Cool Places and will be full of vistas that I think evoke something in my imagination that will eventually spill out into my writing.  Not least of which are creepy abandoned theme parks.

Looking Forward

I have plenty to look forward too one George is release.  Ongoing publicity and marketing new projects and I have several courses of study that I wish to complete that are paid for but have been on hold while I finished the book.

But at the moment my total focus is on 23 April 2014 - George and the Dragon day :)


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