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16 April 2014
Imagine if you will living in a time when children are seen and not heard and a woman's place is still largely seen as being in the home.  Then imagine you are taken out of your paper pushing day job and placed in charge of a top secret RAF squadron and charged with the simple role of combating the Luftwaffe's newest weapon:  Dragons.  Then when you do get the chance to employ a dragon on the side of the RAF you have to accept that doing so puts a 13 year old boy on the front line.  How would you deal with the responsibility thrust upon your shoulders?

Welcome to the world of:

Group Captain Alastair Ford

Unused to a commanding post he now runs 505 Squadron and the Special Operations base from where it operates.  At one moment he may find himself dealing with mythical monsters attacking the British Isles then the next he has to deal with George's mother or a truculent dragon. 

Whenever I think about the Group Captain I have to accept that his role in the scheme of things is by far the hardest of all the characters in the book.  But he is smart and adaptable and quite possibly just the right sort of man for the job.  At least Churchill thinks he is.


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