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4 April 2014


Not only is today Friday but I've had the day off work because it's also my 42nd Birthday!  


I really wanted to let you into a secret today about what I have been working on for the past week.  I've been so tied up in this new project it's the primary reason I have not blogged since the beginning of the week.  A major lapse on my part.   However, DNS servers taking 24hours to redirect my new website mean that it'll be tomorrow I launch the new project.

I've almost gained 2500 followers on @PhilipTolhurst but am hoping to significantly increase that reach.


I'm still in the middle of trying to 'beef up' two of the key battle scenes in George and the Dragon.  As well as this I've been slightly altering the way one of the minor characters die.

I've decided on a publication date for the book.

23 April 2014 shall henceforth be know as George and the Dragon day!

Looking Forward

I've started work on the top secret Cyberpunk Novella I mentioned last week.  I think I've formed the setting and am now writing the conversations before I fill in the gaps.

The Novella will have to form part of my Camp NaNo word count as there's no way I'll be able to start another project there's too much else going on.

I know I complained last week about only working on one project at a time but wearing so many different hats truly does require my attention to be spread.  I just hope it's just not spread too thinky.



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