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6 March 2014
...This is a land of confusion.

I think I've 'got' Twitter now.  It's pretty easy to grasp it's just a huge interconnected web of sound-bites.

The idea is pretty simple really you post something original and some of your followers retweet it.  Others 'favourite' it or retweet it, you follow them they follow you.  Your personal web increases more posts get retweeted by more people and things expand, hopefully, exponentially.

The direct message question about dragons is going really well and I'm starting to talk with people and develop relationships with the people who follow me.  They are not just numbers on my Twitter profile.

At the time of writing since late January I've coaxed 1400+ people into following me, some more easily than others.   I've learnt the benefits of Pluggio.  Especially as it allows me to Ghost-tweet.

I'm, also, slowly closing the gap between my 'Following' and 'Followers'.

For those that are interested of the people that have answered my a quick poll of my DMs gives the following results:

  1. Smaug (I am fire, I am death)
    Votes: 17
  2. Toothless (Hiccup's pet)
    Votes: 11
  3. Puff (the magic dragon)
    Votes: 8
  4. Draco (Smoothly voiced by 007)
    Votes: 5
  5. Saphira (Ridden by Eragon)
    Votes: 4
  6. Falcor (Just a little luck):
    Votes: 4
There's been others as well.  Spiro got a vote, dragons from Dragon lance got a two votes, Game of thrones got several votes as has Merlin as well.  Vermithrax also has two votes.   Anne McCaffrey's Dragonridders of Pern also got a couple of votes as well.

I need to review the data and create a proper table and keep it up-to-date so I can periodically review this.
Watch this space as they say.

But the point of this post isn't about Twitter really.  It's about my Facebook Page

I  know what I will do with it once the books released.  It's a great way to target a fairly large, but targeted audience.  Only time will tell how successful that is.

However, in the interim it's a just full of copies of everything I do on Twitter.

I've been thinking I need to maybe post something unique on the page once a week and link back to it from here and twitter.   That might work.  But other than that I'm at a loss.

And then there's Google+, don't talk to me about Google+, effectively that's this blog what my Facebook Page is to my Twitter account!

Thinking about this over night, yes I write my blog posts in advance sometimes, I think I am going to start a  'That Friday Feeling' post on my Facebook page as of tomorrow.  See if I can drum up some interest that way.

If you have ANY suggestions I would be really happy to hear them!



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