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15 March 2014 Sam Cooke once sang.

So yes it's Saturday night and what am I up to?  Out drinking with my friends?  Watching Saturday Night Take Away with the wife?  Watching a movie with the kids?

No.  I'm hacking at a couple of chapters of George and the Dragon following some feed-back from a beta reader.

Sometimes I sit here at my keyboard and I wonder; will this book ever be finished and available for sale.

Well I am sure it will really but it doesn't stop me doubting things.  

The problem is I really feel I need to move on.  I need to start pushing this book so I'm gaining sales while I work on several other projects.  Not to mention the fact I actually have 3 IT courses I wish to study for over the next few months.

On top of that I've also set myself the goal to write 30,000 words during April's Camp Nano.

I think I will write 'For Queen and Country' during camp.  This is my musketeer-esque, late Victorian era, Steampunk novel.

If you're not familiar with Steampunk you could do worse that check out my Steampunk Novel Inspiration board on Pinterest.

I hope your Saturday night is somewhat more exiting than mine.

Phil :)


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