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27 March 2014
..with Madness.   How about a decent dollop of Heavy Metal from Iron Maiden to start off today's post.

As I close in on the date when I will finally e-publish George and the Dragon I found myself chatting about all things e-publishing with a friend.

He asked me if I was going to use KDP Select and exclusively list my work on Amazon.  My response to this was no.  My plan is to release my second work via KDP Select to judge how it works out but my first book I want available on as many formats as possible.

I explained my plan was to use Smashwords to target Kobo, Nook, iTunes and KDP for Amazon.

He then asked me,  "What about eBooks on Play?"

To be honest this is not something I have considered.  It's not something that is often discussed in posts I see on the topic of e-publishing a novel.  People talk about Kindle's dominance Kobo and Nook. Smashwords is often highly recommended but it's rare someone talks about listing their books for sale on Play.

This gets me to wondering why not.   Recent data suggest that there were 195 million tablets sold in 2013 and Android now has 62% of the market.  That's huge potential market but it seems under exploited.

It's really hard to determine any kind of sales figures but market share data shows Google bundled in with the 'other' crowd.  However, a survey of eBook sales in the UK gives them a 6% share of the market share in the UK.  Crucially for UK sales that figure is higher than either Kobo (5%) or Nook (no figure available).

So it has to be a consideration.  There's not that many blogs etc out there that I can find that discuss the process.  There's an old thread on Goodreads that paints a less than rosy picture of the process.

The most recent blog about it I found was here:

It seems from this that Google have done a lot of work to streamline the process.

So yes I will be listing my book on Google when I publish it and no doubt I'll report back at some stage as to how I got on.



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