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14 March 2014
...matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs.

I've recently 'discovered' pinterest.....I know I know I'm a bit behind the times.

You can find me over there by clicking here:

But I have a great time finding pictures that remind me of scenes in George and the Dragon.

So I thought I might share some of my discoveries with you, without giving too much away.

 London Herald             London Evening Mercury

On the left is the London Herald.  I'm not sure if it's real or a reproduction of course it could also be a mock up.  On the right is my fake London Evening Mercury.  I think I did a pretty good job to be honest.

 Dispersal Hut               Scramble

There are pilots of the RAF that feature prominently in the novel and they spend a lot of time either sitting in their dispersal hut or scrambling to meet the attacks of the Luftwaffe.

I wanted to embed a video here but it's too wide for the blog so instead I'll you the link.

Hope this gives you a little glimpse of what you might expect to read in the book.



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