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18 March 2014 Pink sings.

Trying to tie my social media in internet knots.

So here's the thing I have created a Facebook group:  Dragons are not just for Christmas

I'm also at moment doing a post of a daily dragon.  This started on my Twitter account: @PhilipTolhurst.

My Twitter account is set to post to my Facebook page: Phil Tolhurst - Author.

What I want is for all three to show the daily dragon post. But now I want the daily dragon picture on my Pinterest Account; PhilipTolhurst, as well.

This evening I tried and experiment but I did it incorrectly.

I created the original post on the Facebook group.  Now it's not easy to share a Facebook post of any kind on Twitter.  As far as I can see you have to cut and paste the URL; maybe even using Bitly to shorten it as well.

You can share the post between the different Facebook accounts, however.  Unfortunately when I did this from my Facebook page to my Facebook group I messed it up as I was actually logged in on my private Facebook account.

So I've come to the conclusion that the best way to do this is:

A: Upload the image to Pinterest.

B: Copy link to Facebook group and add description etc.  Like this:

 Dragons are not just for Christmas

C: Copy the URL to Twitter with an extra bit of blurb and let Twitter post back to my Facebook page.

Not that complex and it should mean if people follow any of the links they are being brought into my social media space which when it all boils down to it is the start of marketing my book.

If you have any ideas about doing this better by all means please let me know.



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