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18 June 2014
So I am actually writing some of Nicholas North tonight.  I know I know it's come as a shock to my system as well.

However, while writing the chapter I've had to research several different subjects.

So while I have the football on ITV on one tab in my browser and Twitter & Facebook open in two more the rest of my tabs are devoted to researching my book and writing this blog.

I have a tab about the rules of speech marks and punctuation.  Punctuation and grammar are not my strongest points so I often need to double check rules like this.

Next we have a tab about Ghouls.  Specifically Lovecraftian Ghouls.  H.P. Lovecraft was a horror writer and he has a particular type of ghoul appear in his books.  I wanted to ape this in Nicholas North.  They look something like this:

Next up we have a tab showing night-vision images.  You know the sort you seem them all the time in the movies they look like someone has filtered the world with a luminous green filter.  Like this.  I was also looking at the different types of night-vision goggles.

Finally I have a tab about the Salem witch hunts.  I won't go into details about why I have any of these open but I'm hoping it gives you an insight into the novel and some of the research that goes on when I'm trying to write.  It's not all just type whatever springs to mind.



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