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7 June 2014
If you want to get a really good buzz from being an author then there's nothing quite like receiving feedback on your book.

Like this I received from an acquaintance on Google+

Carllin Randall  - I just finished reading your book last night. I loved it! I love the historical information and it really did seem to blend right in seamlessly...I could seriously imagine the Dragons in the "Dog Fight/Air Battle". Brilliant Book! Please keep me posted as to when the 2nd book will be out! :)

George and the Dragon can also now boast of 3 5 star reviews on Goodreads.  Which is fantastic.

However, a plot whole was brought to my attention yesterday.  It's something I will have to address but I may be able to do so in the sequel;  George and the Griffins of Malta.

This week I also topped 6000 followers on Twitter which I am pretty chuffed about.  I'm average 50+ followers a day, which I think is pretty good to be honest.

One of the great things about Pluggio is that you can track your stats and they'll send you weekly updates in the form of charts like this:

So you can see in 110 days my follower count has gone up by 5100+.  Long may that upward swing continue although I'm hoping it develops a steeper gradient as my follower count starts to snowball.

This week George and the Dragon has been on sale on Kindle for $1.99 the sale has been pretty good in terms of numbers.  I had hoped for more sales but then I guess even the biggest supermarket in the UK could say the same thing. (For those that don't follow such things Tescos' profits are down again)

If you are interested you can still purchase it I shall be raising the price tomorrow night.  Just click here.

I was quite happy with the way I've added a sale price sticker to the cover for advertising purposes.  Speaking of which I joined a large number of Facebook book promotion groups and like minded Google+ communities to promote the book.  I don't think it's done that well from being promoted in those groups but the visibility can't hurt.

I am finding the best way to sell books is to talk people into buying it. 

Once the sale is over I'm going to switch to a lower standard price of $2.99/£1.99 on Kindle and $2.99 everywhere else.

Once that has happened I can turn my attention to the physical version, a blog tour in July to celebrate that release and at some point the audio version as well.

Oh and in amongst all this I really should be finding time to write! :)

Till next Friday I hope your books are selling well.


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