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13 June 2014

It's Friday the 13th but nothing bad has happened to me.

Having just watched a triumphant Netherlands thump the Spanish 5-1 in the world cup my mind is taken back to this time 4 years ago when I actually went to South Africa to watch the world cup and spend time with my wife's family.   It was a fantastic time and I have great memories of that holiday.

It's been awfully hot this week and I don't think I've really achieved much in a literary sense although I realised the plot to Nicholas North was shot to pieces and I've been reworking it in my head.

I'm putting to bed my current Twitter question; "Just for fun if you had to name a dragon, and had no time to think about it, what name would you give the magnificent, mythical, monster?"

I've grown tired of the number of people that answer with Bob, Fred or Sparky.  There have been highlights though my favourite two being Ash and Ember Dawn.

Also from this I've found names for two minor characters in the sequel to George and the Dragon.  They will be called Captain Dromhurst and Lieutenant Elgard.

I'm toying with what to replace the question with but I'm not sure yet what that will be as of yet.  I'm sure something will come to me in the next couple of day.

I'm still selling books despite the price rising after the sale.  Although the price is now permanently lower than it was at the outset.

I'm also still on track to produce a physical copy of George and the Dragon by the end of the month. With that released I'll make a decision about the audio copy of the book and then hopefully I can then largely put George and the Dragon at the back of my mind while I concentrate on writing new and exciting works for publication.

I've got some great ideas for blog posts for the coming week as well so don't forget to keep an eye on the blog on a daily basis.

Until then have a great weekend and enjoy the world cup if you're into football.



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