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16 February 2015
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening where ever you are.

Priya J Sridhar nominated me along with Corissa GlasheenMorgan Dragonwillow,Terrie Leigh Relf and Kathryn Phillips for a Liebster award, after she got nominated for one. To get the award, I am going to answer eleven questions that she has posed, provide eleven random facts about myself, and then nominate five friends to answer eleven random questions about themselves.

So without further a do here are my questions and answers.

1. Why do you write?

Because I have a fertile imagination full of stories and adventures that I think other people will enjoy. I can't make them into movies so I write about them instead.

2. What do you fear the most when reading a new book?

That I'll spend the whole book looking at the way it's been written rather than just enjoying the story.

3. Dragons, vampires, or mermaids? 

Well when you consider my debut novel is called George and the Dragon and I'm also the creator and admin for the Facebook group Dragons Are Not Just For Christmas then I think you have your answer.

4. What do you love the most when reading a new book?

Meeting new characters and joining them on their adventures. If there's no adventure in the book I'm reading the wrong one!

5. Do you listen to background music while writing?

I believe I may be in odd in that I prefer to write with no other distractions. If I'm listening to music then my mind will concentrate on that and any attempt I make at writing will come to naught.

6. Stephen King believes writing about scary things means they'll never happen in real life. Diana Wynne Jones had events from her books happening to her after she wrote them. Do you think writing about an event stops or causes it from happening?

I hope not in one story I wrote, 2012's NaNoWriMo project as it happens, the protagonist's house burnt down, his daughter broke her leg and he got himself arrested after punching a reporter!

7. Favorite genre?

Fantasy followed by Science Fiction.

8. Least-favourite genre?


9. Ideal vacation? 

Somewhere very cold with lots of snow.

10. How powerful can books be, in the right or wrong hands?

Extremely great evil can be perpetuated on the basis of the words, or the interpretation of the words, in a book!

11.  What book will you read over and over again?

With the exception of my own manuscripts, the answer is none. There are too many books to read any of them multiple times.  Even some of the greatest Discworld stories do not lend themselves to reading more than once.

So there you have it and now I need to nominate several others to answer 11 questions I pose.  As I don't know that many people with blogs I'm going to nominate 5 Twitter followers instead and they are: Ciara Ballintyne, Matthew Munson, Dusty Lynn Holloway, Tamra Ferguson and Rachael Thompson

Oh and if anyone else wants to give me their answers please leave a comment below :)


So here are my questions:

1. Which of your characters are you most fond of and why?

2. If you had to pick a pop song to be the theme tune to one of your books which would it be?

3. When did you start writing?

4. Why did you start writing?

5. Do you have another job as well as being an author and if so what do you do?

6. Who has been the greatest influence on your work as an author?

7. Who is your favourite fictional character and why?

8. Italian or Chinese? (Food that is!)

9. Do you play games as an adult and if so which ones? And I mean board games etc not bedroom games!

10.  Who is your favourite dragon from TV, Movies and Literature?

11.  What would you call a dragon if you befriended one?


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