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21 February 2015

...I don't just write!

I know it may come as a surprise but there are other things I like to do as well.

I play Magic the Gathering, which is a collectible card game (if you're bored already skip this bit) and have recently started blogging about playing a particular variant of the game called Commander.

You can find my new blog here:

I've also, more recently, started to learn program in Python using Pygame.

I'm not the most accomplished programmer but I have been pleased with my efforts so far.

So far I've written an algorithm to randomly generate a complete island including adding caves and villages.

You can explore this island, discover the caves and enter them

The caves themselves are also randomly created when the island is generated.

As you explore the caves your vision is limited by your light source so, while you know where you've been, you can't see too far ahead and you never know what might be behind you.

So far all you can do is move around and uncover the locations on the island and explore the caves.

There's a huge list of jobs that still need to be completed to get it close to playable as a simple game.

Caves need to be populated with traps, treasure and monsters.

Once monsters have been added combat needs to be added.

An inventory for the hero needs to be added.

Villages need to be created and populated with people, shops etc.

A magic system needs to be created.

Experience and levelling needs to be worked on.

These are just a few of the things I can think of as I sit here and update my blog there's probably a lot more that I'll discover as time progresses.

Oh and what is more Chloe, my daughter, is desperate for me to add dragons to the game. And who am I to refuse!

So what do you get up to in your spare time.

Let me know.



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