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22 January 2014
I have 3 novels that have been written and are in various stages of the editing process.
The plan is to publish these three throughout the coming year probably in the following order:

  1. George and the Dragon
  2. Second chance at happiness
  3. Wynter Unending

While this happens I am also writing my fourth novel, working title of which is: Nicholas North – Schoolboy Detective.

I’ve just been writing about a zoo which houses a collection of endangered mythical and mystical monsters.  When describing the monsters I wanted them to sound more real, more believable so I decided to give them species variants and use that in the writing.

So as part of the narrative we are introduced to a pair of Lesser Spotted Griffins, which are half Peregrine Falcon half Puma, there is also mention of their larger cousins the Greater Golden Griffins although they are not part of the zoo’s exhibits.

Next up on the tour is a heard of unicorns but I wanted them to have a species identifier as well.  At first my thoughts turned to Zebras and Horse breads but then a simple solution came to mind.  I would call them Sable unicorns.  A Sable Unicorn is a heraldic device seen on coats of arms.  They are most often displayed combatant (when paired with another creature) or rampant (when alone) and facing either sinister (left) or dexter (right).

And so I have my unicorn species.  I also have a pack of Grey Backed Eurasian Werewolves, a screech of Peck’s Harpies (Named after Annie Smith Peck a famous explorer).

There’s still more inventiveness to come with Hippocampi,  Cerberus Hounds (Canine Tria Sunt?), a Baisilisk, Hellcats, Cloudcats, Nightmares, Blink dogs and many more. 


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