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16 September 2014
I'm hoping there's more than a few people out there that have already got the bit between their teeth and are busy working out what they are going to draw, paint, sketch etc for the

George And The Dragon Artwork Competition.

You haven't head of the competition?  Well click on the link above but only after you've finished reading this blog post.

I've been reading a blog post by the author John Birmingham about books he is due to release next year and as part of the post someone posted a link to the following magazine cover from the '80s

I think this could easily be a scene from George and the Dragon.  The dragons in my novel though have 4 limbs and wings and the cockpit wouldn't be that of a modern fighter plane it would be more like this:

But that's just one idea someone suggested you could just draw a picture of the four pilots of 505 squadron lounging in their ready shack.

The idea is that the book contains endless sauce material and anyone that decides to enter the competition should be able to find inspiration from somewhere within it's pages.



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