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11 July 2014
What have I been up-to in the world of crafting novels?  Not a lot recently.

Real life, the Fifa World Cup and work have all been aspiring against me.

I've decided I really need a laptop to use for writing on the train.  I spend two hours a day as a guest of Southeastern (that's a railway company the provides train services in the SE of England)  so that would give me loads of time to write.

Indeed it's how I wrote George and the Dragon.

Today, I wasn't feeling so good.  I've got a kidney infection I think but I'll say no more than that. However, it did give me a chance to do two things.

Firstly I obtained my EIN number.  For those that are not aware what this is it's a tax number people outside of the United States have to obtain so that they can claim exemption from the 30% US witholding tax.

Secondly I finished  the edit and format of the Createspace copy of George and the Dragon and sent off a request for the full size cover to be created.

So I expect by the end of next week to be in possession of a proof copy of the book.  For the first time ever I'll be able to hold a real copy of my book.  I think that'll be strange, exciting but strange all the same.

One other thing I've been doing today is speculating what I would spend my money on should I become a roaring financial success - I know there's not a lot of chance of this especially given recent reports in the press about author incomes.  But, it doesn't hurt to dream.

So if I made enough to be able to spend money on myself and buy myself a frivolous new toy what would I get?

Lego Mindstorms is the first thing that always springs to mind.

Especially if I could build myself a Mindstorms dragon like this!!!  Although I have to confess I do think he needs wings.

If we take this a step further and writing provided me with a decent income then I'd buy a house boat for us all to live in.  I've always wanted to live somewhere quirky and I think a houseboat, even if it was only for a few years, would go some way to sate that desire.  

But there's no garden I hear you say?  Good I have hay fever and hate gardening :)

So let's say George and the Dragon gets made into a movie sells millions of copies and I get to be a millionaire then what?  

Well I'd buy myself my own private island,  the one I always wanted to buy sold recently at auction.

This is the one I had my eye on.  

I think I may have shared this with you all before so forgive my indulgence.  So tell me what would you treat yourself should success come your way?  


1 comment:

  1. That looks amazing and dreamy. But to answer your question, should success come my way, my answer is with my children. I would like to be able to give them a good education and more and much better food. I would like to be able to provide for their needs without having to beg and justify my every move to an abusive man.