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16 June 2015

...or how big is your dragon?

I recently posted this picture of a series of dragons onto the Facebook group Dragons are not just for Christmas.

If you're curious the link comes from here: 

This got me thinking. I've always maintained that Spitfire is a little bit bigger than Draco (No 9. above). With the regal dragons being a bit smaller.  I've also often though that Spitfire should have a wingspan of about twice that of a Spitfire.

The author of the blog post linked above puts Draco at about 5m tall when stood on all fours. But that didn't help me to size him that easily.  I needed more data and that came from here: 

I'm respecting the wish for the images not to be copied so pop on over have a look and come back.

What it tells me is that Draco has a wingspan of 73 ft and that converts to 22.25 m.

Here are the three main fighters from the Battle of Britain (as close to scale as I can get them) for comparison:
Spitfire - wingspan 11m

 Hurricane - wingspan 12m
Messerschmidt BF-109 - wingspan 9.9m

I was quite astonished by this revelation. Draco from Dragonheart has almost exactly twice the wingspan of a Spitfire fighter plane.

Spitfire the dragon is a little bigger than that and, drawn to scale, would look something like this:

If you compare him to the two allied fighters (Spitfire on the left, Hurricane on the right) they look something like this:

At least this is how I imagine him to be in my head.  It also gives me a good start when I try to figure out how big some of the characters in the second book in the Knights of the Sky series are.

Hope you found that enlightening.



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