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4 May 2015

...well not quite all.

Sorry, I couldn't resist given that the General Election is imminent and it's May the 4th.

Back on subject it gives me great pleasure to announce that the five lucky winners of a signed copy of George and the Dragon have been selected.

Goodreads officially provided me with the details a little earlier today and the lucky five are:

Shayla Kettlewood, US

Sabrina Wilson, GB

Whitney Jordaan, NL

Lisa Baker, GB 


John Hausrath, GB

Over 1100 people entered the competition, a figure I am, quite honestly, overwhelmed by.

Once I think of something choice to write in each book I shall be popping a copy into the post for each of the lucky winners!

For those that didn't win don't forget there are many different ways to purchase your own copy of the book.

I've now set it up so that people who buy the physical copy of the book from Amazon get get a totally free copy of George and the Dragon as a Kindle eBook.

You can buy it on the iStore if you have an iPad or iPhone.

If you've got an Android phone or tablet you can also fin it on the Play store:

You can also buy the book via Barnes & Noble in both paperback and eBook formats.

If you're in the UK then it's also available on KOBO.

If you do read it and enjoy it the please leave me a review.




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