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28 April 2015

...Eureka moments.

That's what it takes to write a book.

The first of those is often the most crucial, it's the point at which you get an idea that can be made into a fully fleshed out story.

Get one of those and you really do jump out of the bath and run down the street naked.

From that point of course it's all easy. Isn't it? Well no it's not. While it may seem like everyone these days is writing a book. Writing a book that has the length and depth to be worth reading is a lot harder than I suspect anyone just starting out truly realises.

But every step of the way. Every new character you create. Every interaction you give them. Every plot device you come up with. They are all eureka moments. Each spark of inspiration that drives your quest to complete that first draft or fill that plot hole is a Eureka moment.

Take the sequel to George and the Dragon that I'm currently working on. There are at least ten new characters all with their part to play in the narrative.  Naming them all was not easy and I sought help on that part but even with help when the right name came up I knew it and at that moment another little part of the novel fell into place.

The ending of the novel had me stumped for sometime and then a series of ideas I had tumbling around inside my skull unraveled themselves and led to the perfect ending for the book.

 One particular moment resolves the issue of what to do with Major Evans, Captain Atkins and Dawn Raider. When we left them the the Dawn Raider was just of the French Mediterranean coastline. To return home they have to sail around Spain and Portugal then along the French Atlantic coastline before finally reaching the British Isles.  That's a long and boring trip so something else had to happen with them.

Another part of the plot provided the answer and again when that little spark flickered of inspiration I just knew it worked, it all fit nicely into place.....Eureka!

I'm still only about half way into writing the first draft of the sequel and some way behind the schedule I had set myself but it's forming into something I will be proud to publish when it's ready.

You will all just have to wait a little longer until I have had all the Eureka moments it needs.



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