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2 February 2016
Tuesday mornings are not necessarily the best day of the week for me. So to find I'd manage to write 1085 on the train this morning was quite a pleasant surprise.

I know I'm capable of writing 1000 word in the time it takes Southeastern to get me from Gillingham to Cannon Street (the length of the journey varies, sometimes by quite a lot but never seems to be that which is published on the time table) but it's always a surprise when I manage it.

I think it happens more when I get into that groove (to quote Madonna) where I'm really transported to that moment in time with those characters I'm writing about.

This morning was one of the more sensitive moments in the sequel to George and the Dragon. George is having a moment with his mother having returned to their family home for the first time since they both left in chapter one of the first book.

It's one of those moments when a young character comes of age and for George it marks the moment when he sets his mind on being a man rather than an angry child.

For a writer you get those moments when the words just flow and you can type away on the keyboard without looking at it or really even reading what you are writing. Everything is happening in your head.

Although I've nearly hit the 100,000 word mark I still know that there is much work to do before Dragon's Breath becomes a finished product.

I am trying to dedicate much more of myself towards finishing this book rather than allowing myself to be distracted by things like Lego.

On that note here's a dragon for you. One that I designed in the Lego Digital Designer :)


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